Roadbull Case Study: How Systems Thinking Helps in Order Fulfillment?

Logistics & FulfillmentMay 29, 2024
Roadbull Case Study: How Systems Thinking Helps in Order Fulfillment?

What is Systems Thinking? 

Systems thinking is a comprehensive approach that emphasizes understanding the intricate interactions and connections within an organization's processes. It encourages seeing the organization as a whole, rather than as separate components, to more effectively identify the structural factors that impact behavior and outcomes. 


How Systems Thinking Helps in Order Fulfillment 

In order fulfillment, systems thinking aids businesses in developing systems that address immediate logistical requirements while also supporting wider business goals and adapting to evolving market dynamics. It helps organizations look past individual efficiencies to the larger effects of their decisions, thereby avoiding suboptimal results and promoting enduring, scalable solutions. 


Egitech Case Study 

1. Background 

Founded in 2015, Roadbull has led the charge in helping merchants transition to e-commerce through a comprehensive, unified ecosystem. Initially focused on tech-driven last-mile services, Roadbull later expanded to include complete fulfillment solutions like storage and pick & pack services, leveraging their proprietary GEMS system. They faced significant challenges with optimizing delivery routes and managing increasing order volumes while maintaining high service quality. 


2. Systems Thinking Application 

In the application of systems thinking, Egitech effectively transformed Roadbull's operations by synergizing various interconnected systems, which significantly boosted both efficiency and reliability across the entire fulfillment process. The strategy included deploying a Transportation Management System (TMS) to fine-tune delivery routes, alongside the integration of an Order Management System (OMS) and a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to enhance the management and processing of inventory and orders. Further, there were strategic improvements in the supply chain management and IT infrastructure. To sustain these improvements, continuous system maintenance was implemented as a crucial ongoing activity to guarantee optimal operational performance. 


3. Outcome 

The systems thinking approach led to a highly efficient fulfillment ecosystem at Roadbull, processing over 40,000 orders daily with a 20% reduction in delivery times. This efficiency boost significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, contributing to Roadbull’s recognition as one of Singapore’s fastest-growing companies in 2020 by Statista. The success demonstrates the power of systems thinking in fostering scalable and adaptable business solutions in a dynamic e-commerce environment.